Over 7 years in the making, The Sage Tarot deck is not a copy of the Rider Waite deck, and while the artwork is stunning, it is not a deck that focuses on artwork only. This is a beautiful, symbolically rich, contemporary deck that rewards the deepest level of study, yet can be used by beginners. It’s designed for use, not just for collection.

The collector’s edition is nearly sold out. An even smaller quantity edition, The Linen Edition, is here! If you want one of these linen edition decks, order today.

The little white book is actually a long book, 86 pages, and it’s yours to download if you own the deck. Just don’t distribute without my permission. Just click the pdf icon or the link below to download.

Sage Tarot Deck PDF

The Sage Tarot Little White Book

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The deck uses fine art and sculpture from history as inspiration. Many of the cards are based on

  • Classical Greek sculpture
  • Renaissance painting
  • Assyrian and Egyptian art
  • The circus

Information and additional features in the deck

  • All Hebrew letters and the zodiac/planetary signs are printed on the Majors.
  • The royalty are designed as families which share symbols and environments when laid out in a row.
  • The pips show the astrological correspondences, allowing you to read more deeply.

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The Cups Family from The Sage Tarot Deck

The deck is available for purchase for $35 plus $8.50 shipping and handling in the US.

The international shipping rate for 1 deck outside the U.S. is $26.00.

If you want more than one deck, please contact the office: [email protected]

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The nines from The Sage Tarot Deck