Already successful, and yet something still isn’t quite right?

As a human, you have forgotten important things about how you’ve been designed to function. That little voice saying “something is isn’t quite right” is actually your humanity trying to push out through an alienating world.

Compared to how we were built to live, we have bought into inhuman, dehumanizing ideas and some of those ideas have actually taken the lead. You are either accepting those ideas to fit in or you feel like an outcast.
Here are the signs that you might be held prisoner by your world:
Making decisions based on survival.

If you find yourself really wanting to do something, but you don’t, because it won’t make you enough money, or it won’t make you famous even when it doesn’t feel right, then you are acting less like a human than you are.
Acting like someone else (your boss, or spouse, or neighbor) is in charge of you.

You have a business whether you know it or not. If you’ve got a job, just imagine yourself an independent contractor selling your time to one client. It puts your job in perspective. You don’t have to act like a wage slave or an prisoner all the time. Any time you blame someone else for your circumstances, you are acting like a prisoner rather than the all powerful being you are.
Checking your smart phone every two seconds instead of doing something creative.

Are you acting addicted? Your true nature is to do what excites your soul, even if that’s crunchy, and to love even if that’s risky. If you are isolated in front of your computer, or constantly staring into your smart phone, you are lost in the dream. It seems like communication, but I suspect you are craving something else.
Thinking of yourself as limited.

Anything one human can do, we all can do. You might actually be able to do anything. Think of the power you have when you imagine you are unlimited. All your limits were put on you later by someone else. You weren’t born with them.
We’ve all participated. We’ve been consumed by ideas that are counter to our true limitless human nature.

  • How else could we have become disconnected from ourselves, from each other, from the natural world?

And its critical that you deal with this now, because your live, and the life of the planet cannot go on indefinitely like this.
It’s compelling to act like everyone else, to march in step with the crowd. And maybe you’ve been doing it so long that you forgot who you really are.
This world we live in offers a frightening, secret promise. The promise is: if you accept the conventional world, with its rules and regulations, you won’t have to show up as your Big Self, the self you came here to be. Of course it feels safer and easier to live safe in your insulated world. It might even work for a while…
But what is the cost?
You can ignore your greatness. There’s no reason for you to have to step up. Or is there?
There are plenty of people who say no to their calling.
But it makes a difference to say yes. And I’ll tell you who it makes the most difference to: the people you are here to help. Yes, believe it or not, your life is not about you. It’s about who you are here to serve.
So I’m asking you to wake up, and I’m giving you a tool to do it.


Today my eyes are open, and I’m having to prop them open less and less. I live in a little town of 417 people. I’m less than two blocks from the waves of the Pacific Ocean where I go out most mornings and stand on a cliff and watch the waves roll in, or run by the surf edge. Money manifests easily in my life. I use the tools of the unseen world every day to bring me more of what I want. . . more love, more connection, more service, and the by-products of that are more money and more happiness.

I’ve been reluctant, though, to go for it. Reluctant for a long time.
I’ve spent my life as if I was waiting for something. I didn’t know what the heck it was, but had no shortage of things to do while I waited. So I waited through yoga and meditation training. I waited through a fine art degree. I waited through jobs art directing for Apple Computer and teaching design at the University of California. I was even a passenger inside of a car that sailed off a 300 foot cliff in Big Sur. Believe me, that will wake you up – even if only momentarily. And for most of those jobs, I’d work till I was miserable and wanted to quit, and then I would work some more.

I waited through an actual experience of awakening, where poetry flowed from me like water, an unpinning of the self so profound that no one in western medicine could understand, so they put me back to sleep – literally. I even waited through a prestigious TedX talk in Santa Cruz California where I spoke about my “fall” down that cliff in Big Sur.

God even asked me directly to do this.

And still I said “NO”
Unbelievable isn’t it, that I still said no. I said no to what I was being asked to do on the planet. I believed that I was saying no to the irrational and insane. Hah.

The voice would come, and say “What the hell are you doing?”

I would say, “Can’t you see I’m busy? I’ve got things to do!”

But apparently God is stronger than me (big surprise, huh?) So I finally said yes…

And it’s been divine ever since.

All I did was say yes to the impossibility, to the divine paradox of my life.

We’ve been taught that life exists on either side of an equals sign. =

But life isn’t like that, is it? If you think deeply about it, you’ll get the unfairness of it.
We are the planet and we aren’t the planet.
It’s a ridiculous idea that we are all one, but it’s also undeniably true.

Divine paradox!

So I designed a program that addresses this divine paradox, and allows you to wake up to who you truly are. And the secret to this is probably not what you think it is.

It’s called The School For Wizards.

It doesn’t matter if you binge-watch bad TV, eat a bag of cookies, or have whatever you want.

What matters is that you pay attention, and doing those things I mention above is a form of forgetting—I call this The Alien Takeover.

This program helps you stop the spin-cycle through your litany of wants. Money, or food, or sex, or work, can be the bucket of forgetting. This is the way you forget yourself.
When you forget yourself, you fall asleep and the aliens win.

So, excuse me, but wake up!

How much longer are you going to try to pretend that your life doesn’t matter? When are you going to get that it’s actually easier to take responsibility for your life than to live like you’ve been living?

This isn’t about radical outer action. It’s about radical inner action, because the problem and solution are both inside you.

There are rules, laws, practices and ways of living that have been laid out for thousands of years. The keys have been buried in plain site. They don’t even have to be dug up. But they are only available to those who are open to them, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Contained in these materials are the secrets to the how –— the secrets to living in a way that naturally short-circuits the “Who am I?” tape and lets you start acting like you already know who you really are — because you do. It might surprise you. I’m sure it will surprise you, because when you have all cylinders firing, at first you won’t know yourself.

“When we get out of the glass bottles of our ego… Cool, unlying life will rush in, and passion will make our bodies taut with power. We shall stamp our feet with new power and old things will fall down, we shall laugh, and institutions will curl up like burnt paper.” —DH Lawrence